Thursday, October 6, 2011

Start of Fall and Nursing School

Fall has definitely began, and our family is in the full swing of things.  Josh is back at school, working on homework, doing boy scouts, and still maintains his active social life.  He proudly sports Snohomish's red, black "cheese" and his friend, Greg, dressed up as a cow, and together they asked two lovely girls to the upcoming home coming dance.

Brian is on a work assignment in Dubai, and will be there for the whole month of October. I miss him SO much when he is gone. I think what I miss the most is the little things, and our daily routine that we share. But the month will fly by for him and for me, as I'm currently studying all my "nursing stuff". 

I love nursing school.  Every morning I get up and look forward to going to EVCC, nursing program.  This quarter I sit in the back row with Traci. I really don't like sitting in the back row and we did not intend to sit in there, however, even though we were an hour early on the 1st day of class to claim our seats, others must have been just as excited and arrived even earlier.  We have great instructors this quarter that are teaching us quite a bit. So far we have learned to draw up medications in syringes and give injections, tested a classmate's  blood glucose, and are currently learning how to set up sterile fields and place Foley catheters.  We practice most of our skills on the class dummies, but soon will have the opportunity to interact with patients in long term care facilities.  I spend a lot of time at school and studying, so some blogging might not be something I do a whole lot of, we shall  see. :)
This is me and Traci with an "i" at school

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  1. Hi Tracey!
    I'm see you found my blog! It's great to see that you have one too! I look forward to reading more, and am excited for you as you continue in your nursing studies!