Saturday, September 17, 2011

9/11/11 Family BBQ

Getting together with family the whole family is challenging these days.  Everyone has busy schedules and as kids grow older, go to college, move out, marry and live on their own, family time becomes more sporadic and precious.  As summer winds down, and before we are completely immersed into our new schedules, that include things like school, travel and less play time, a barbecue was set up at my brother Rob's and his wife Heather's house.  They have a beautiful home on the shores of Lake Whatcom in Bellingham.  Sunshine and water, meant that my sister, Krista and her husband Steve would be bringing their ski boat and there would be time to play in the water. 

In the kitchen with Heather and Rob

Here's Mom, and my baby sister, Krista
Josh with Inga and Katie
It was quite the crowd. Most of the family was able to attend.  My mom and her husband John, Krista and Steve, their son Parker, their foreign exchange student from Germany, some of their family friends, Sam and Katie (Sam's girlfriend), Josh and his friend Inga, my friend Connie, Brian and myself.  My dad came by himself, his wife was attending a funeral that day, and of course, Rob, Heather, and my nephews Riley, Randy and Rorey. 

Brian and I out on the deck.
We had a nice day visiting and catching up on all the going-ons in the family.  Steve took the kids out on the boat, to a location where they could swim and do some diving off of some trestle in the lake. 

Sam and Brian helped with the Barbecue
When they came back we stuffed ourselves with BBQ burgers, hot dogs, and an assortment of side dishes and topped it all off with dessert and a happy birthday song for Parker who turned 15.  Wow, where does the time go?  They grow up so fast. 

Me and my Dad

All in all we had a great end of the summer celebration. Thanks Rob and Heather for opening up your home. Love you.

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